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The company was founded in 2014 by a military engineer and an employee of one of the Russian elite special units for the development and production of weapon tuning elements.

4 R&D and 15 development works have been completed for 6 years, the company also has a number of patents. The team of the company has not only significant development and production competencies, but also a deep understanding of the problems and needs of shooters. We manufacture parts using an optimal set of technologies, obtaining high quality, while remaining in the price range affordable for most civilian and military shooters. During the period of the company's work, shooters from almost 40 countries have become our customers.

The company ARMACON serially produces more than 60 types of products, at the same time, we always closely cooperate with end users and, if necessary, promptly make changes to the design of products or, in some cases, change the materials from which the parts are made.

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