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Buttstock adapter "Monolith-2" for Vepr

Buttstock adapter "Monolith-2" for Vepr

Stock adapters

The adapter is designed to mount Mil- and Comm-Spec telescoping buttstock tubes to the Molot Veprs with non-folding SVD-styled skeleton stocks, like SOK-95, VPO-123 and VPO-205-04. Adapter rises the stock level to the barrel level. This feature reduces withdraw of the barrel and improves speed of aiming and weapon control.

Recommended retail price:

5 000


The adapter is made of B95 aluminum on 5 coordinate CNC machines with subsequent modification of the surface to Corundum.  


In order to assemble the product, you do not need to introduce any changes into the the weapon, only one hex wrench.  

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