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1/2 - 28 "Volk-5" 5,56 Flash hider

1/2 - 28 "Volk-5" 5,56 Flash hider

Muzzle Devices

"Volk-5" used to replace the standard one, in order to improve ergonomics, strength and efficiency. Designed to reduce the noise and light effects of a shot, it achieves the best results in complete darkness or twilight.

Recommended retail price:

6 500


It is produced in two modifications for different types of threads. Be careful when choosing;
Effectively extinguishes not only the flash from the shot fired, but also the sparks arising from a rapid single fire;
Consists of three parts: a funnel, a wardrobe trunk and a ring retainer that keeps the structure from spontaneous loosening during firing;
The flame arrester "Wolf" 5.45 is easily disassembled for maintenance, and the grooves for unscrewing / twisting include a standard Kalashnikov ramrod, which facilitates "field" installation;
8 grooves under the spring retainer make the fit as tight as possible, minimizing the likelihood of backlash;
The functional coating is not only resistant to abrasion, corrosion, temperature extremes and other physical influences, but also improves the quality of the steel case, including impact resistance

Delivery basis:

Individual packaging - kraft cardboard box.

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