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ARMACON Arms Devices - Forum (dry lubrication)

ARMACON Arms Devices - Forum (dry lubrication)


The grease should be applied to a degreased surface. The grease is chemically inert, does not dissolve even in aqua regia, and prevents oxidation and corrosion of the metal. The coating with a coefficient of friction of 0.02 'wet ice on wet ice' completely eliminates dry friction. Parts treated with ARMACON grease do not adhere sand and other abrasives. The lubricant has zero adhesion, the lubricant particles create a quasi-film, adhering to the lubricated surface and another effect of intermolecular attraction. When using dry lubricant: - a coating is created with a record low coefficient of friction, resistant to temperatures from - 196 ºС to + 500 ºС; - all micro- and nano-irregularities are filled, first of all, in places subject to the most intense mechanical stress; - reliable protection against corrosion is created; - the damaged surface is quickly restored in the event of a negative impact of an abrasive particle; The dry lubricant ARMACON Arms Devices demonstrates especially its unique anti-wear and protective properties on weapons. The coating remains on the inner surface of the barrel even after 100 rounds, which reduces the resistance to the movement of the bullet in the barrel, increases its velocity and reduces barrel wear. The carbon deposits formed during the shot are easily removed. The use of a lubricant has a noticeable positive effect of the lubricant on the accuracy and STP, which is associated with an increase in the speed of the bullet. For example, the results of firing from the PKM showed an increase in the accuracy of fire by 32%. Dry PTFE grease, when applied to metal, turns into a transparent film with a thickness of 1-2 microns and after application, as during storage, does not evaporate and remains on the surface indefinitely.

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